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Our Project For The Past Years

Printing Your Dream Works With SignFaceGroup

Let’s get past the “print is dead” misconception. The future of print is embracing the exciting new waves of communication and media innovation more than you might expect. Yes, the use of print has declined over the last two decades, but that ended a few years ago. The industry is now positioned to expand, especially with the oversaturation and privacy issues digital platforms experience today.

Personalization in print doesn’t mean just slapping your brand's logo on a print piece. For the future of personalization in print, it means that print companies are beginning to expand their personalization capabilities by adding variable data printing, design, and layout services in addition to just printed materials. This will take your printer more time to complete, but in the end, it means that customer relationships will be improved, which can drive the longevity of a print partnership.

Why Us?

We Do

I f you’re on the lookout for others printing company, you’ll know how many companies there are to choose from in Singapore. In fact, you’ll find huge variations in quality and affordability across the spectrum. At SignFaceGroup, we pride ourselves on offering high quality products, unbeatable customer service and a fantastic range of services. Here are a few more reasons to choose us for your next print job.

  • Expertise you can trust - SignFaceGroup has been in the printing industry for over 15 years. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, embracing new technologies and investing in the future so we can continue to offer a high quality, affordable printing service.
  • Quality control - At SignFaceGroup, high quality comes as standard. This helps our production team, ensure that everything that leaves our print works has a very high level of consistency. The same level of care and expertise also goes in to our Digital Print production. Allowing us to offer a wider range of services and quicker turnaround times without compromising quality.
  • Competitive prices - By using the latest technology, ensuring all our processes are as efficient as possible and employing highly skilled and talented staff, we’re able to offer incredibly competitive prices. Our dedicated team are all experts in their own particular areas, so whether you’re dealing with the sales team, the production team, the commercial team or our directors, you can be sure you’re getting accurate information and great value for money.
  • Environmental commitment - By nature, the printing industry uses a lot of materials during the production process. However, as a responsible company that cares deeply about the environment, we do our best to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. By being mindful in all our processes and carefully selecting our suppliers and materials, we’re able to minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction - We strive to ensure that all of the clients we work with are completely happy with the service and the products they receive and we’re proud to say our efforts are incredibly successful. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the glowing testimonials from past customers like East Anglian Air Ambulance, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and Moneyfacts.
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